Pastor John Hohe

John Hohe has been our pastor since summer of 2004.  While serving as pastor in New England Pastor Hohe developed a sincere empathy for those who have been “out of the church habit” or who had little or no church involvement.

He left Boston after 17 years to return to the midwest and come to us.

Pastor grew up near Chicago in Glen Ellyn IL. His the proud father of four: Gretchen, Marcus, Chris and Alex.   He is married to Nancy whom he met in Pittsburgh. Pastor is  an avid baseball fan and has been a Little League coach. When not watching his son played baseball, he can be found as an umpire for high school and travel baseball. He is also a fan of all sorts of music especially oldies and early Jesus Music.

He has served the wider church in a number of roles such as a church consultant, a coach to other pastors and church leaders,  and guest speaker on the subject of joyfully sharing God’s love with friends and relatives. He is active in the Powell’s Chamber of Commerce and Clergy group.

He looks forward to seeing more people make a new beginning through the people and ministries at Beautiful Savior. He invites you to give the church a try THIS Sunday!