Come see our new home

Beautiful Savior has taken deliberate action to increase our presence in the community. With each new move, we have grown in membership and in our ability to be a blessing to the people in this community.

A stand alone church building has been built to serve our existing members, friends, and the community at large. Building our first church is a tool to accomplish our goal of welcoming, serving and growing like never before. We can ensure that Beautiful Savior is able to serve and welcome people and families for many years to come.

With this new facility, we are able to reach a community that is hungry for the Lord. It gives us more opportunity to spread the gospel to people that are desperately in need of His Grace.

This project has been a giant leap, but we have complete faith that all things are possible through Christ. We will continue to tithe our donations for other new church development and for our preschool.

This building was the result of man months of congregational input in which our values, goals, vision statement and general hopes were gleanded and prioritized.  Then, many follow-up meetings with the various subcommittees were held with the lead architect.

The prominent use of glass expresses the mission mindedness of the congregation.  The glass allows the congregation to look beyone its own walls.  The cross is found on almost all windows throughout the building.  Everywhere the cross is seen we are reminded that individually and as a congregation we exist “to celebrate and share the grace of God in our everyday life”. 

Pictures of our congregation, our church, and our opening can be found at this link.