From Pastor Hohe: 

Several of our members have asked that I resend the information on how to give to our Lutheran Relief agencies.
I have also added aid for Puerto Rico.
I am so glad to know that we have members who are giving directly and quickly to these efforts!  Besides giving, please consider prayer for those affected and the relief workers. There are many organizations that bring help but we should be proud that we also bring the hope that comes from Jesus to bear on such tragedies.  Continue to pray for Cisco Arbonna’s relatives back in his homeland of Puerto Rico.



Texas District
7900 E. Highway 290
Austin TX  78724
LINC Houston
(Lutheran work in inner city of Houston)
1504 Johnson St.  Houston TX 77007   713-426-2451

Puerto Rico Relief

Support relief and mercy efforts for hurricane victims in Puerto Rico

As federal agencies rush to establish emergency airlift and disaster relief infrastructure for hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, LCMS World Relief and Human Care, through its LCMS Disaster Response team, is preparing to bring urgent relief and the hope of the Gospel to Puerto Ricans whose lives have been shaken by this most recent disaster.

The utter devastation of Hurricane Maria calls to mind the caring Christians who give so graciously, ensuring Christ’s mercy comes swiftly to those affected by catastrophe. The kindness being shown across the Synod has brought relief to so many, and now the people of Puerto Rico can experience that mercy, kindness and compassion.

  • Call 888-930-4438
  • Text LCMSPuertoRico to 41444


checks to:
Florida Georgia District
850 T. G. Lee Blvd. Suite 500
Orlando, Florida 32822
Phone: (407)857-5556
Toll Free: (877) 457-5556