Do You Have a Personal Mission Statement? Here’s mine.

know thyself

I was a Greek major in college.   While we read and translated New Testament books we also did some classical Greek.  My favorite readings were those about Socrates.  One short phrase by Socrates is worth repeating “Know thyself.”

I believe each of us are unique creations of God and in Jesus we are new creations!  Unique life experiences, skills, gifts, aptitudes and the like shape us to be unique.   My personal mission statement is born out of how I have been shaped by life experiences.  My home church was a new church with lots of young families.  My confirmation pastor, Rev. Stanley Bahn, displayed amazing grace towards me.   In college, a good friend named Dan Flynn made me get to church every Sunday where I was fed by the sermons of Rev. David Koch that always extended God’s grace to me.   Early Jesus Music (that’s what we called Contemporary Christian Music then) was so Jesus centered and grace exalting.   I ate up as much of that music as I could and attended many concerts.   Door to door evangelism and other outreach experiences shaped me to be concerned about those who in and outside the church did not really know Jesus and His grace.  My mission statement bears witness to that.

But in recent years, I have also been shaped by personally getting to know many whose lives have been wonderfully redeemed from brokenness and pain associated with the “sex industry”.  More than ever, I see the need for loving Christians to bear witness to God’s love in Jesus.  Therefore I have been and continue to be an influence on others.

Therefore, my mission statement reads:

“Believing Jesus has called me into His kingdom for such a time as this, I shall endeavor to be lead by God’s Spirit to be a grace centered Great Commission Christian and seek to influence others be they individuals or congregations to be such as well.  I shall endeavor to do this in my roles as husband, father, Christian, pastor and as a “neighbor ” to others including the broken.

What is your mission statement?


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    Pastor John Hohe says

    Well written

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      Webmaster says

      ’tis true.

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    Ann Brown says

    I love your mission statement. Thank you for sharing. Sincerely, Ann

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    Hope Boring says

    My Christian journey has not been one of tradition, in fact my journey with God begin at 12 through Billy Graham Crusades or known as TV Evangelism. And, the journey with Jesus is one of detours, road blocks and many straight highway moments.

    So my Mission Statement is: Bringing cheer to people, I come in contact with, giving them encouragement and humor to situations that are unique or difficult, to be an example of Christ. I am nothing without Jesus, he shapes my being, and his Holy Spirit empowers me to face difficult situations, to do the impossible for the Glory of God including praying for people and their needs.

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    Pastor says

    Thanks Hope!

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