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My Thoughts on “The Day After”(delivered a day early!)

Dear Friends,

I predict that in spite of who ever wins “the Election” that the sun will still come up tomorrow!   And most importantly Jesus is still ruling all of human history for the good of His Church.

Luther called Satan “God’s devil” because Satan could only do what God allowed him to do.  So it will be with our next President.    He or she will only be allowed to do what God allows.  I pray that our country will be blessed although God may well chastise this country for its many sins.   Whatever does happen,  it will only happen as God allows.  I’ll go to sleep tonight in peace knowing that Jesus is still King!

This has been the most divisive election ever in my life.  And most people will not be happy with whoever gets elected.   The animosity between parties may continue.  Many are fearful about bad winners and sore losers who will continue to stir things up.

So how should Christians respond?   No matter who is elected, this is an opportunity!  An opportunity for Christians to be “peace makers”.   Tonight (God willing the election is determined) I shall say a prayer for the President-elect.   I shall pray that he or she will seek to serve the whole country.  I shall pray that he or she pursues a course that brings people together.   I shall pray for good health and Solomon like wisdom in selecting the next cabinet.  There is a lot to be done in the next 70 days of transition so I will pray for a smooth transition.

Would you join me in prayer for the President-elect?

My often prayed prayer for each president has been that God would bless when that President sets out to do something in keeping with God’s will and that God would frustrate him if  not.   I have prayed that prayer for each of the Presidents whether he was Democrat or Republican.   I shall not change that prayer whether Donald or Hillary get in (and after today we all could respect the Office of President by referring to the winner as President-elect).

My final thought is that many of us were passionate about this election.  Americans and even American Christians really got into this election and talked a lot about it.  We talked with family, neighbors and co workers.   Not a few of us sought to persuade others to our candidate because we thought it was important. Sadly, we talked as if the whole world would or will be changed by that one person.   We testified for and against the candidates based on what we thought they would or would not do.

I pray that we who are Christians will now channel that passion into talking about the One who can change the world and who has changed us through the message of forgiveness.  I pray that the passion we had for our country in which we live a relatively short time will carry over even more so about heaven and the Kingdom of God which will be ours for all eternity.  Our witness to Jesus is so important since each person’s eternal destination is determined by their faith in or lack of faith in Jesus.

Oh, that we would take our faith life as seriously as we do our politics!

In college, we used to sing “Jesus is the answer for the world today!. . . ”

He still is!

And so dear Christians  take to hear these words whether your person is elected or not:   “The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die.”*

Pastor Hohe

*words attributed to Senator Edward Kennedy







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